Two school playing fields a month sold since 2012 Olympics

Michael Gove’s department has approved the sale of two school playing fields every month since the Olympics, new figures show. This is from the Telegraph…

Figures published by the Department for Education show that 50 playing fields between May 2010 when the new Government was formed and June 2013.

Of those, 19 applications were approved by ministers since last August’s London 2012 Olympics, which was meant to increase sports participation.

The figures also disclose that the Government over-ruled its own advisers on playing fields six times in the past three years.

Last year Education secretary Michael Gove was forced to apologise after an investigation by The Daily Telegraph found that the number of school playing fields in England sold off was higher than had been previously admitted.

The revelations led to tens of thousands of people to sign a petition urging Mr Gove to bring in more protections for playing fields.

Labour criticised the sales. Stephen Twigg MP, Shadow Education Secretary, said: “David Cameron and Michael Gove are putting the Olympic legacy at risk.

“Parents will be shocked that the Government is still selling off playing fields, many against the advice of the independent playing fields panel. School sport provision is already patchy since Michael Gove dismantled Labour’s School Sports Partnerships.

“The Government needs to focus on school sport – they should start by restoring Labour’s minimum requirement that all children do at least 2 hours of PE and competitive sport every week.”

When playing fields are sold other sports facilities were put in their place, while any proceeds had to be put back into improving sports and school facilities.

More at:  Keep the Flame Alive: Two school playing fields a month sold since 2012 Olympics

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  1. ETusty

    SchoolsImprove watkinssolic It’s disgusting. One of those is the main secondary school in our town. They were poor at providing sports

    • watkinssolic

      ETusty SchoolsImprove hoped that legacy of #2012 would put a stop 2 sale of playing fields. Root of prob seems 2 be £

  2. jrw006

    SchoolsImprove This simply cannot happen! Which fields and where? Sport England simply will not approve any devpmt. Scandalmongering.

  3. Scotsfox

    _PaulMonaghan There’s never been a positive legacy of any Olympics yet politicians still use it as an excuse to spend billions.

  4. GrahamBett

    .SchoolsImprove Selling school fields is not always bad eg selling unneeded land to pay for a sports hall. Much sport is played indoors.

    • schoolvp

      GrahamBett SchoolsImprove You get more students on a football pitch. The last time I played badminton, it was four at the most.

      • GrahamBett

        .schoolvp SchoolsImprove Strange to take it so literally. But I presume you’re not suggesting we should ignore all indoor sport in schools

  5. ERW4774

    SchoolsImprove – can’t believe this. It’s disgraceful. I had big playing fields at primary and secondary & we used them. Shame on councils.

  6. bluecitizens

    ChaabanRabih Going on for yrs selling schools with large playing fields 2 developers.”Govt”plan tearing NHS apart while Olympic tribute on

    • rukiasdrawings

      Hanumangirl alliomack. Make the most of your local parks. Ours are being sold for developers, or they need the ground to bury the poor

      • Hanumangirl

        rukiasdrawings alliomack Oh my Goodness that’s really awful Adge! We don’t have a school field so we use our park, its nice except vandals

  7. RutilusAstrum

    alliomack 1Socialist nothing gets in the way of profit, not even young people’s health and well being.

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