Two pigs left outside Muslim school in suspected hate crime

The Independent is reporting that police are investigating a hate crime after two pigs heads were left outside a Muslim school in Lancashire.

One head was thrown over the fence of Markazul Uloom boarding school in Blackburn, while another was found by the school gates.

They are believed to have been left between 5pm on Friday 18 and 8.30am on Saturday, when police were called.

Eating pork is forbidden in Islam.

Chief Inspector Sheena Tattum, of Blackburn Police, told the Lancashire Evening Post: “This is being treated extremely seriously and we understand the concern that incidents like this, while thankfully rare, can cause in the community. 

“An investigation is underway to identify those responsible and a team of detectives are carrying out numerous inquiries…”

More at: Two pigs heads left outside Muslim school in UK


What a sick thing to do. Presumably there aren’t too many people with pigs heads just lying around so maybe it is possible to work out where they’ve come from?


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  1. Bedtonman

    SchoolsImprove I really worry about people, why would you do this? What do you hope to achieve? At least own up and don’t be a coward

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