Two Lincolnshire schools re-open after cutting six week summer holidays short

The Lincolnshire Echo is reporting that two schools in the county have re-opened as they push forward with plans to cut the summer holiday break short by two weeks.

Children from White’s Wood Academy and Mercer’s Wood Academy returned to school on Wednesday, August 19 after breaking up just over four weeks ago.

The academies, which are able to set their own term and holiday times, hope the move will help maintain standards and prevent teachers from tiring out in the run up to Christmas.

Sharron Close, executive principal of the Tall Oaks Academy Trust, said: “For us the price of taking holidays in the summer was not our first consideration.

“From our point of view there were lots of things to consider.

“After about four weeks parents quite like them to come back into school.

“We are hoping to do lots of things with this modal.”

The left over holiday will be spread out cross the year.

The move has proven surprisingly popular with parents with many saying their children are more than ready to go back to school before the six weeks are up…

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I hope we get some feedback on how this works out in practice from the staff and parents once they have had a chance to reflect. 


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  1. So the answer to teacher tiredness in the run-up to Christmas is to increase the length of the Autumn term.  
    And parents might not be so supportive when they realise the shorter summer holiday when weather is usually good will be compensated by longer breaks when the weather is poor.

  2. pompeyanne

    SchoolsImprove how would it work for new intakes eg year r. Some wouldn’t even be 4 yet. Should 3 yr olds be starting school?

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