Twins told one can’t have paid-for school bus pass because of pupils who need free ones

The Mirror is reporting that twins who go to the same school have been told that one of them can have a bus pass for their daily commute – and one cannot.

And their parents have shared their outrage at being told one of the passes is going to another student who has qualified for free travel.

Lucy and Katie Ackers, who are both 11, have just started at St Christopher’s CE High School in Accrington, Lancashire.

The girls have both paid £38 a month for the pass, but now Lancashire County Council says it has to give priority to children who qualify for free passes, meaning they had to bump off one of the twins.

Stepdad Scott Mason said he was ‘absolutely disgusted’ after being told to give up one of the passes for his stepdaughters immediately…

The family have been told that one must be handed back to Lancashire County Council after the space was given to a student who qualifies for a free pass…

St Christopher’s has called on the council to ‘honour their original commitment to the family’…

The council has said that it is currently exploring whether a larger bus is available for the route…

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The council points out that they are obliged to give priority to children with a statutory entitlement to free transport, and that the conditions for paid tickets include that they may have to be returned, so presumably they have no option, other than to find a bigger bus?

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  1. TW

    Nor_edu SchoolsImprove  Not every bus/coach company wants to take on a school contract when they know they are subject to huge amounts of hassle and vilification whenever some little brat feels like making up an allegation of assault or abuse against the driver.

  2. Due to the way free bus passes work and the legislation governing them this kind of situation is entirely possible and happens more regularly than you think.

    Having worked recently in School Transport for a Local Authority, a line has to be drawn regarding eligibility as finances are finite and, in the case of where I worked, they’re facing a huge cut in the subsidy provided by the Government to provide school transport. There is also a finite number of local bus operators willing to do school runs and fleets are limited. 

    These parents would’ve been informed at the time of receiving their pass that it may be revoked if the seat is needed by a qualifying child. If any child isn’t eligible then they have no right to challenge that decision unfortunately. The fact that there are twins involved has no bearing on the matter.

    All too often children move house or schools and therefore become eligible and until the Government provides decent subsidy instead of cutting it then this kind of situation will carry on occurring.

  3. lennyvalentino

    SchoolsImprove School transport costs need urgent attention. £38 a month?! My local uni offers bus passes to students for £200pa…

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