Twenty students infected with chlamydia at pro-abstinence Texas school which decided not to teach sex ed

The Mail is reporting that one in every fifteen students at a Texas high school which opted to omit sex education from its formal curriculum have been infected with chlamydia…

Twenty cases of the infectious, sexually-transmitted disease have been recorded at Crane High School, which has 300 students, prompting panic among parents.

School officials sent letters home warning families about the outbreak of the disease, which has few symptoms but can damage women’s fertility later in life.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the school is now considering possible changes to its sex education policy.

The school’s student handbook states that the Crane school district ‘does not offer a curriculum in human sexuality’.

But it added that, even if the issue comes up in other classes, the material must ‘present abstinence from sexual activity as the preferred choice of behavior in relationship to all sexual activity for unmarried persons of school age’ – in accordance with Texas state law.

The guidelines also tout abstinence as ‘the most effective way to prevent pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases’ and commit to devoting ‘more attention’ to abstinence than any other sex-related topic…

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I guess this happens at schools that do teach sex education too although one in every fifteen sounds like a very significant outbreak.

Does this highlight the futility of trying to teach teenagers to follow abstinence and not at least having a backup plan of proper sex education?

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