Troubled school which spent thousands on uniforms lets pupils wear trainers after they reject the shoes supplied

The Express & Star is reporting that a number of students at Wolverhampton’s New Park School, which is rated Inadequate by Ofsted and has a police officer permanently on site, told teachers they did not want to wear the supplied shoes and are instead wearing trainers…

At the start of term, the school took the controversial decision to shell out thousands of pounds of Pupil Premium money to buy all 107 students new uniforms and footwear. Each student was bought a blazer, two shirts, a tie, smart shoes and two pairs of trousers…

A teacher at New Park, who asked not to be named, said staff were disgusted that pupils were being allowed to ditch the smart shoes and walk around in trainers.

He said: “A lot of money was spent on uniforms for the students. I don’t see how that is supposed to help them achieve better results. For them to be allowed to wear trainers just because they don’t want to wear shoes is outrageous.”

Wolverhampton City Council spokesman Paul Brown, confirmed a ‘small number’ of pupils had refused to wear the shoes and were instead in their own trainers.

He said: aid: “The school is working with the students and their parents to encourage them to wear the correct uniform.”

Last month, Ofsted inspectors re-visited New Park, which caters for pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, to check on progress after a damning inspection in February plunged it into special measures.

In February, inspectors criticised staff for frequently man-handling pupils, while youngsters were seen smoking on site and fleeing school grounds during lessons. Back in June, a10-year-old boy was arrested after a teacher was stabbed with a pencil.

As a result of the report, a police officer was stationed at the school full time and Wolverhampton City Council spent £80,000 on a new electronic exterior fence.

The teacher added: “Things have got progressively worse at the school. Every day you can see pupils smoking on school grounds. The fence was supposedly put up to keep pupils on site, but they just climb over it or press a button and leave anyway. It is a complete madhouse. Staff morale is on the floor.”

The findings from the monitoring visit are due to be published in the coming weeks.

The school takes pupils aged between seven and 16…

More at: Troubled school which spent thousands of taxpayers cash on uniforms lets pupils wear trainers


It sounds like shoes may be the least of their issues but what do you think should happen – having bought the shoes should they enforce the wearing of them or is it reasonable to compromise and let unhappy students wear their own? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Oh dear – choice can be a dangerous thing. HMI will be all over them like a C&A suit I would have thought

  2. Janet2

    It appears the school has deteriorated since the last monitoring visit in May when inspectors noted improvements including:

    ‘A new uniform has been introduced and most pupils are wearing theirs with pride.’

    We won’t know what’s happened until the latest monitoring report is published.

  3. MAW1912

    Sue_Cowley SchoolsImprove Some use it as incentive to sign up for FSM. Falling FSM due to universal KS1 free meals a major prob for some

  4. ajjolley

    MAW1912 Sue_Cowley SchoolsImprove long been highlighted as an issue
    DfE could automate system, but choose not to
    Leaving it all to school

  5. ajjolley

    MAW1912 Sue_Cowley SchoolsImprove long been highlighted as an issue
    DfE could automate system, but choose not to
    Leaving it all to school

  6. MAW1912

    ajjolley Sue_Cowley SchoolsImprove Sadly probably part of plan – save on PP to pay for universal FSM – or am I being too cynical?

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