Troops to Teachers scheme misses target

The TES is reporting that a controversial scheme to turn former military personnel into teachers has trained just a sixth of its target number of veterans during the first two years.

The Troops to Teachers initiative had 180 places for its first cohort, which completed training this month. But only 32 people have finished the course and become teachers.

The government-backed scheme had attracted controversy from the start because the plans to retrain former soldiers as teachers were sold as a way to bring a “military ethos” into struggling schools…

The figures have emerged after official reports criticised the organisation of the Troops to Teachers project.

The 2015 National College for Teaching and Leadership annual report says that there have been “challenges on recruitment” for the initiative.

A Department for Education spokesperson said Troops to Teachers was offering “talented service leavers a chance to inspire the next generation” by teaching leadership, teamwork and resilience.

See more in the 22 January edition of TES

More at Troops to Teachers scheme misses target


Your thoughts on the apparently low take up on this scheme? 

Any lessons to be learnt?

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove The numbers are relatively small whatever but it’s a glimpse at the wider picture; recruitment a massive issue denied by DfE

  2. Nairb1

    Military personnel are used to a structured system where discipline is key … do as you’re told, follow orders. They have a clear leadership model with a well set out chain of command.
    Ergo, as far as the government is concerned, forces personnel have developed processes for ensuring strong discipline and effective leadership skills. They ignore the fact that schools aren’t army bases and pupils aren’t soldiers. Or adults. Makes for good headlines in the Daily Mail though.

  3. Ex RN

    It takes many skills to be a great teacher, as an ex SNCO and now a Principal I have had the honour to serve with many very highly skilled men and women. Some demonstrated the skill set that could be developed into being teachers, but it has to be said in recent years they are used to being held in high regard, not reviled at every opportunity. As individuals with technical skills much in demand why would they want to put themselves through teacher training, then earn less than they did in the forces to work longer hours and be respected less.
    Furthermore the skill set to be a good teacher requires a whole lot more than being a strong disciplinarian, once again a very few have the extra many do not. The careers are both held in high regard by the public, however the hours of teaching and its toll are very different to the hours and toll of the armed services.
    Apologies now for anyone offended by what I write, but I have worked for equal times in both services, have worked with absolute superstars in both, but they are very different.

  4. AlfredoNokez1

    This Govt. have only one aim: reduce the cost of state education. So experiment away – if it saves cash then go for it!

  5. Mktadvice4schls

    SchoolsImprove not surprised – have taught with excellent ex-forces people. Pathway to do this has always been promoted. No hidden demand.

  6. TW

    @Ex RN  You shouldn’t apologise.  What you say is correct but would not require saying were the current government not so obsessed with ignoring everything but their own ignorant prejudices.

  7. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove Troops rarely relish being unarmed in a combat zone. The teachers to troops scheme on the other hand is doing quite well.

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