Trojan Horse schools ’employed teachers through secret clique and mosque’

The Mirror is reporting that schools at the centre of the so-called Trojan Horse scandal had teachers employed through a secret clique and a mosque, it has been claimed.

The accusation was made by a former teacher at Park View Academy in Birmingham who also claimed it was an “open secret” that people were employed “based on who they know”.

The teacher, a former sex education lecturer known as Witness A, was giving evidence at a National College for Teaching & Leadership (NCTL) hearing today where five senior teachers face allegations of professional misconduct…

According to the Birmingham Mail , all five teachers involved in the hearing – Moz Hussain, Lindsey Clark, Arshad Hussain, Razwan Faraz and Hardeep Saini – face the same allegation of trying to include an undue amount of religious influence in the education of pupils.

Moz, Arshad, Lindsey and Hardeep are alleged to have appointed members of staff that might have assisted with the aim of Islamising the non-faith schools that were run by Park View Educational Trust – Park View, Golden Hillock and Nansen Primary. 

In terms of recruitment within the schools it was an open secret that people got jobs on the basis of who they knew and their friends,” said the witness, who was granted anonymity by the hearing panel…

“There was a time when someone suggested to me that all the decisions in terms of the appointment to school posts were made at Green Lane Mosque.

“There was definitely something unusual about the procedure for the appointment of staff.

“I heard the phrase ‘the brotherhood’ used to describe those male staff and governors who are Conservative Muslims with strong beliefs like Monzoor, Razwan, Arshad and others.”..

The hearing continues…

More at: Trojan Horse scandal schools ’employed teachers through secret clique and mosque’


The Birmingham Mail is carrying a series of articles detailing various claims being made at the NCTL tribunal hearing


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  1. TheBirmingham6

    SchoolsImprove what happened to innocent until proved guilty. Headlines for allegations. Small print for facts. Shameful. #trojanhoax

  2. TheBirmingham6 SchoolsImprove Peter Clarke’s report found evidence showing a “determined effort” to gain control of governing bodies in a small number of schools by associated people.
    Clarke read 3000 messages between the Park View Brotherhood, an all-male group based at Park View School, which “promoted or failed to challenge bigoted views”. The group’s administrator, Acting Principal Monzoor Hussain, challenged some postings but only those when comments criticised other Muslim groups. Clarke said the “numerous endorsements of hyperlinks to extremist speakers betray a collective mind-set” that is intolerant of any way of life or belief, including alternative Islamic thought, that did not conform to the views of the group.
    Were these 3000 messages all ‘small print’?

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