Trojan horse school ‘pupils and staff used antisemitic language’

The Guardian is reporting that pupils and staff at the former Park View academy exchanged “antisemitic language” according to a witness giving evidence at disciplinary hearings for teachers involved.

…Saying she had “heard both pupils and staff use antisemitic language”, Witness A told the panel: “Racist and homophobic comments were ongoing but not a common problem in the school.

“For example, pupils would say to staff or other pupils ‘you Jew boy’, which was considered a derogatory term.”

The witness said Park View’s headteacher at the time, Lindsey Clark, failed to arrest the problem.

“At that time Lindsey had heard about a member of staff calling a pupil a ‘Jew boy’ and around the same time she had become aware of an increase in antisemitic graffiti in pupils’ books.”

…Witness A’s earlier claims that sex education at the school avoided topics such as STIs was undermined by a letter to parents asking for permission for pupils to attend sex education classes, which included subjects such as contraception and sexual health.

In her statement the witness had also claimed an official from “Birmingham health authority” told her that young people in the area were not practising safe sex and had high levels of STIs.

The former staff member is a key witness in the NCTL’s case against the five teachers, through her claims that religious influence caused the sex education curriculum to avoid sensitive topics such as displaying condoms.

But the witness also agreed that she had drawn up the school’s new sex and relationship curriculum, and was encouraged by one of the teachers before the panel, Arshad Hussain…

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The full report notes that the NCTL panel has dismissed its case against one of the eleven teachers – Johirul Islam – and says this suggests the NTCL may struggle to press its case against other teachers facing similar allegations (which included undermining “tolerance or respect for the faith and beliefs of others”).


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