Trojan Horse school in visit by top US diplomat to improve Muslim relations

The Birmingham Mail is reporting that the man responsible with improving America’s relationship with Muslim communities across the world has paid a visit to a local school at the centre of the Trojan Horse scandal…

Shaarik Zafar, US Secretary of State John Kerry’s special representative to Muslim Communities, met with pupils and staff at Park View – one of the five schools plunged in special measures by education watchdog Ofsted in April last year…

One pupil, who did not wish to be named, said: “Some people judge us because of our headscarves but in o.r eyes we’re British.

“The young children joining our school need to know that they have the same opportunities as everybody else and they shouldn’t let anybody put them down.”

Mr Zafar said he was “thrilled” to meet the pupils at the predominantly Muslim school.

“Muslims are a part of Britain – this is a very British school and I’m honoured to be here,” he added. “Dialogue between communities of all faith is essential – the more we break down barriers and stereotypes the better.

“The students here are clearly very proud Brits – that comes across very strongly.

“It’s great to meet the future British leaders that will work with our American leaders…”

Adrian Packer, executive headteacher at the school, added: “We are working hard to forge new relationships with other communities…

More at: Trojan Horse school in visit by top US diplomat to improve Muslim relations


Some very powerful comments made by both the students and Mr Zafar here – anything you would add?


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