Trojan Horse: Park View School headteacher suspended

The Birmingham Mail is reporting that the headteacher of the Birmingham school at the centre of the Trojan Horse plot has been suspended…

Park View School acting principal Monzoor Hussain was relieved of his duties in the wake of damning conclusions reached in a report compiled by former anti-terror chief Peter Clarke.

Razwan Faraz, deputy head at Nansen Primary, which was also caught up in the furore, was also suspended.

Sources confirmed the decisions were taken by a new board of trustees installed at Park View Educational Trust, which runs Park View, Nansen and a third school, Golden Hillock…

Sources close to a number of schools caught up in the plot said disciplinary measures were being instigated at a “fast pace” and other suspensions were likely to follow…

Mr Hussain was said by Mr Clarke’s report to have set up a group on messaging service WhatsApp which suggested both the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby and the bombing of the Boston Marathon were faked.

He and Mr Faraz – a former teacher at Park View School – were said to have been two of the “most prolific” contributors.

Mr Clarke’s report said the WhatsApp group, called the Park View Brotherhood, contained more than 3,000 postings between April 2013 and March 2014.

“Core contributors” were identified as teachers at Park View School, or other schools within the Park View Educational Trust.

Mr Hussain confirmed he set up the forum but said its purpose was solely to discuss items that could be included in school assemblies, Mr Clarke said.

He added: ‘A number of topics are discussed, often by a small group of contributors, which reveal the members’ attitudes towards education, homosexuality and gay marriage.

“There is also an undercurrent of anti-Western sentiment, explicit antagonism towards the British military, a sceptical reaction to news of terrorist attacks (Lee Rigby and the Boston bombings), and numerous links posted to extremist speakers.”

In May last year Mr Faraz allegedly posted a link to a news article about gay marriage followed by the message: “These animals are going out full force.

“As teachers we must be aware and counter their satanic ways of influencing young people…”

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