Trainee teachers in Northern Ireland told not to expect full time work when qualified

The BBC is reporting that the Department of Education in Northern Ireland is facing a cash reduction of £72m in its resource budget in 2016/17 and that the education minister has told trainee teachers not to expect full-time jobs when they are qualified.

…The department’s director of finance, Trevor Connolly, …said the full impact of the budget cut on schools’ individual budgets would not be clear until early March…

Committee members also questioned departmental officials on the Investing in the Teaching Workforce Scheme which aims to replace up to 500 older teaching staff with newly qualified teachers.

A number queried why the department had decided to limit the scheme to teachers who had graduated within the past three years.

The department’s director of education workforce development, La’Verne Montgomery, … said that there were currently fewer than 400 full-time teachers younger than 25 in Northern Ireland…the department expected up to 300 teachers to leave under the wider civil service voluntary redundancy scheme in 2016/17.

Earlier, Education Minister John O’Dowd said people considering a career in teaching in Northern Ireland should not expect a full-time job after their training.

Mr O’Dowd said those wanting to enter the profession should give “very, very careful consideration” to their choice…

“… no-one should enter the teaching profession in the belief that they’re going to come the other side and obtain full-time employment…”

More at £72m reduction in education resource budget in Northern Ireland


Wow – amazing comments from John Dowd.

Perhaps newly qualified teachers could be persuaded to come over to England?

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