Traditional three-year university is not only path to top, CBI tells teenagers

Teenagers should be told to drop the idea that a traditional three-year university degree course is the only route to a top job, Britain’s businesses warn today. This is from the Independent…

Instead, they should be encouraged to embark upon “earn-while-you-learn” courses equipping them with the high level skills they need for employment.

A report by the Confederation of British Industry, published today, debunks the idea – which has been fashionable in government circles for decades – that growing numbers of school leavers should be encouraged to take up traditional university courses.

“We need to tackle the idea that the A-levels and three year-degree model is the only route to a good career,” said Katja Hall, CBI policy director.

She added:  “The skills needs of tomorrow’s economy will be different to the needs of today’s.”

The report, Tomorrow’s Growth, argues for a push towards more shorter and part-time degree courses or “sandwich” courses which include a year in industry.  Traditional degree courses, it adds, will not meet the needs of key industries likely to expand such as  manufacturing, construction, IT and engineering.

It also urges ministers to take action to combat the “catastrophic” slump in the numbers taking part-time degree courses to allow older workers to retrain and learn the skills of the new growth industries.

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Are the CBI (@CBItweets) right here? Should we all start looking beyond the traditional university model for approaches that are more flexible and provide better integration between education and employment? Please share in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. oldfarmhorace

    Rustylink1 it will be hard to break the cycle. Graduates favour graduates to promote their own elite status?

    • Rustylink1

      oldfarmhorace You make a very good pint .. it’s the curious prestige af a piece of paper with a read seal over practical worldly knowledge

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