Touch typing used to be an old-fashioned skill — but now schools are reviving it

In 2014, it was reported that schools in Finland – long established as a world-leader in progressive, quality education and the envy of all countries taking part in annual Pisa rankings – took the decision to ditch handwriting lessons in favour of getting pupils fluent in their typing skills. iNews reports. 

And it’s not as if schools in the UK haven’t attempted to get behind the skill. In fact the programme I am using to taunt poor Mike, KAZ Type, is exactly the same one (give or take a few updates) that I sat using in my school IT lessons around 18 years ago.

But while the Department for Education say touch typing is encouraged as a part of computer literacy, there is still no specific reference to it on the state curriculum.

Sue Westwood, a child psychologist, now runs another touch typing programme called English Type.

“It’s incredibly frustrating,” she tells i. “These days many schools teach coding, because it’s fashionable. But to be a professional coder you have to be able to keep your eyes on the screen – so you’ve got to be able to type using muscle memory,” she adds. “Schools really are wasting their time not teaching typing.”

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Do you agree? Surely typing is a very important skill in today’s schooling and workplace.  Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin


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  1. I don’t recall ever meeting any fellow programmers who could touch type. Write some code, think about next bit, key in next bit: no touch typing. Not that there’s anything wrong with touch typing.

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