Tories threaten to pull out of key education policy

The Scotsman is reporting that the Scottish Conservatives have threatened to withdraw their support after Scotland has recorded their worst ever performance in the latest Pisa study.

Ruth Davidson said the Government’s Curriculum for Excellence reform was “on probation” and called for an evaluation of the policy to judge its effectiveness.

The long-standing Curriculum for Excellence policy was drawn up in an attempt to deliver a more practical approach to education, but teachers have grown frustrated with the workload and the bureaucracy associated with it.

Ms Davidson said: The single biggest education reform under this Government has been Curriculum for Excellence and nobody here can simply brush aside the fact that since it has come in standards have fallen. So I am telling the First Minister today that our on-going support for Curriculum for Excellence cannot be taken for granted.

Nicola Sturgeon responded by saying the principles behind Curriculum for Excellence was the “right way forward”. Earlier the First Minister admitted the PISA results were “not good enough”.

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  1. VictoriaJaquiss

    One of my favourite jokes is the one where  Mum had read so much about the terrible effects of chocolate and alcohol that she decided to stop reading altogether.
    So, you might have had a good at school. You felt you achieved something, the class behaved well, accomplished the experiments you set them, cleared up without at the fuss at the end, worked in pairs with new partners, and obviously enjoyed and understood the work set.
    Then you come to read that, by comparison with children’s lessons in other countries, in a one-size-fits-all test, you haven’t had a good day at all. In fact you have failed. And everyone knows that you have failed.
    Pisa tests are designed only to make all the countries except the one coming first bad about themselves, and designed to make the one coming first nervous about the fact that from here, the only way is down. 
    They have absolutely no place in education.

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