Tories ‘investing in our schools’? Get real – Labour raised their budgets by 5% a year

Much has been made of the £14bn “boost” to school budgets over the next four years. According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, that £14bn becomes £4.3bn in today’s money by 2023 once you strip out inflation and triple-counting of each year’s increase. The Guardian reports.

That is not an insubstantial sum – a 7.4% increase on today’s spend. However, school funding has dropped 8% overall since the coalition government came to power in 2010, so in four years’ time we will be back where we were 13 years before.

Boris Johnson, whom I suspect has very little real understanding of state schools, likes to colour his government’s funding pledge with the vacuous promise that the money will be used to “level up”. But what does that mean? Levelling up to 2010? Levelling up to the gold-plated Eton education he experienced, or to the comfortable standard his own children enjoyed in private London day schools? This would cost at least an extra £15,000 per pupil per year, so unlikely.

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  1. Anonymous

    A global figure like this means absolutely nothing unless we see per pupil increases. So much money is going on: bailing out failed academy trusts; bribing academy trusts to take on failing academies; writing off academy trust debts; the increased staffing required for the fragmented system; the increased salaries of ceos and admin. staff of academy trusts.

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