Top universities urged to solve access problem

The BBC is reporting that top English universities are being urged to apply their “research expertise” to the issue of access by youngsters from poorer homes…

The Office of Fair Access says there are “stubborn gaps” in participation at highly-selective universities.

But director Prof Les Ebdon said these universities were full of capable people who excelled at problem solving…

In a speech to the Brilliant Club’s annual conference, Prof Ebdon will tell an audience of university staff that the key to making faster progress is to make better use of the research expertise they have available to them.

In his speech, Prof Ebdon will say: “There have been stubborn gaps in participation at highly selective universities for a long time, but the tanker is starting to turn.

“Highly-selective universities are starting to achieve real change, by developing creative, evidence-led solutions underpinned by increasing understanding of what’s most effective at each particular institution…

“Offa has already begun to work closely with university researchers to improve evidence and understanding, and the whole sector will benefit from sharing the outcomes of this work…”

More at: Top universities urged to solve access problem


Any insights into the type of ‘creating, evidence-led solutions’ that Professor Ebdon is talking about?

It would be good to have some examples.


Are leading universities doing enough to boost access for disadvantaged students?


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