Top Tory throws weight behind EBacc changes

The TES is reporting that Conservative MP Neil Carmichael has voiced his support to expand the EBacc to include skills such as engineering.

There is a case for including skills such as engineering in the English Baccalaureate, the chair of the Education Select Committee has said. 

Neil Carmichael, chair of the Commons committee, has come out in support of proposals for expanding the EBacc to include more skills. The proposals were put forward by the Edge Foundation, a charity promoting technical and professional education.

In September last year, former Conservative education secretary Lord Baker, chair of the Edge Foundation, launched a report calling for the government’s performance measure to include a design and technology GCSE, or an approved technical award, and a creative GCSE.

Currently the EBacc only includes English, mathematics, history or geography, the sciences and a language – and it has come under criticism for pushing out technical and creative subjects. 

Speaking to TES, Mr Carmichael said: “I am personally interested in the Edge Foundation’s idea of making an EBacc out of a group of subjects. Their publication is very interesting.”

The findings from the government’s consultation on the EBacc, which closed more than year ago, are yet to be released – and they may not be published until the summer. 

But in the meantime, Mr Carmichael, the Conservative MP for Stroud, is looking to host an event in the House of Commons to promote the Edge Foundation’s proposals further.

He said: “I do think there is a case for putting the spotlight on skills – like engineering – and I think the proposals from Edge are good.”

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