Top nursery shut amid claims of force-feeding

The Mail is reporting that a nursery has been closed and police are investigating amid claims that a child there was force-fed…

The Park Town Nursery in Oxford had its registration suspended by Ofsted over concerns for the welfare of children following allegations of assault.

Police yesterday declined to elaborate on the nature of the alleged incidents, although sources close to the investigation said they were not of a sexual nature.

However, sources close to the £50-a-day nursery said the incident related to a child being forced to finish his dinner.

The unit, which caters for 24 children aged three months to five years, is situated in the grounds of the exclusive Dragon School, where alumni include Emma Watson and Hugh Laurie.

One source said: ‘For whatever reason, a boy did not want to eat what was served up at meal time and he was told he would have to…’

Proprietor, Sara Mander, claimed the allegations were ‘nothing major’ and is confident the nursery will be open again before the end of the year..

More at: Top nursery shut amid claims of force-feeding: Preschool has registration suspended over assault allegations


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  1. jay__ell

    dramateachgeek MailOnline reading that I now realise I was force fed by my mother up to the age of 12. That includes liver!

  2. dramateachgeek

    jay__ell MailOnline yep. I was force fed, especially vegetables. What terrible parents, teaching us to try new things…!

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