Top maths teachers call for more funding for Singapore ‘mastery’ method

The Telegraph is reporting that top maths teachers across the UK are calling for more funding from the government so that schools can get to grips with Singapore’s successful ‘maths mastery’ method. 

British schools lack the funding to implement Singapore’s maths mastery method that the Government plans to roll out to schools across England, teachers have warned.

According to a survey of 360 maths teachers in the UK, 90 per cent said they believed there is insufficient funding for training teachers in the mastery method, despite ministers’ enthusiasm for it.

The research follows the publication of  the PISA global education report by the OECD which revealed that the UK is now number 27 on the world rankings for maths, having slipped one place from 2012.

Nearly 80 per cent of teachers called on the Department for Education for more information about the mastery method, according to the survey by Singapore maths mastery training specialist Maths – No Problem.

Singapore’s maths mastery approach teaches children to solve problems and learn about maths without the need for rote learning, so rather than reciting formulas they may not understand, children learn to think mathematically.

More at: Top maths teachers call for more funding for Singapore ‘mastery’ method 

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  1. Who did the survey?  What were the questions?  Were the respondents all ‘top’ maths teachers?  We can’t judge the survey’s reliability without knowing this. 
    It appears Maths Mastery is being heavily promoted by those with a vested interest.   The EFA found it was little better but no worse than other methods. Schools wishing to consider it should read the EFA analysis first.

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