Top China schools test parents for IQ, ancestor’s grades and ‘obesity’ on enrollment.

The Telegraph reports that parents seeking a coveted place for their children at top Chinese schools are being forced to take tests, prove their ancestor’s academic credentials and even show they are not fat.

At least two private schools in Shanghai, China’s richest and most modern city, have been admonished by authorities for testing parents and carrying out intrusive surveys, while applicants at a third school complained about a ‘fat parent’ criteria.

“They check parent’s body shapes,” a parent applying to Shanghai’s Qibao Foreign Language School bemoaned. 

Education officials rebuked Qingpu World Foreign Language School and the nearby Yangpu Primary School for probing applicants’ family histories and setting logic tests for parents.

China’s increasingly wealthy generation of parents often take desperate measures to give their children a good education in the hope that their offspring will land a place at a prestigious foreign university.

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission said Qingpu and Yangpu schools had been forced to “apologise in public” and to “cut down enrollment plans next year,” without elaborating.

The “graphics-based reasoning” was said to be too difficult for most of the test-takers.

The man, who did not want to be named, said allegations were based on a “rumour”, but refused to deny the school tested parents, saying: “We don’t take foreign media interviews.”

While many parents took to social media to complain about the strict enrolment procedures, some were less critical.

“Just like some schools in other countries require parents to be Christian, I think the requirements from these private schools are reasonable,” a mother who is hoping to enroll her daughter at the one of the schools told the Global Times newspaper.

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Only in China. It could never happen here. Or could it? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter~ Tamsin

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