Today’s poll: What impact do you think the 2015 budget will have on schools and education?

The main relevant announcements from George Osborne’s budget seem to that teachers’ pay rises will be limited to 1% for four more years and maintenance grants for the poorest students going to university will be scrapped and replaced by additional loans (albeit to a higher maximum level)…

The maxium university tuition fees will also be able to rise from the current £9k maxiumum, but only in line with inflation and in certain cases.

In addition, 18-21 year olds will have to either ‘earn or learn’ to be eligible for some benefits.

On balance, how do you think these policies will have on schools and education?


What impact do you think the 2015 budget will have on schools and education?


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  1. ajjolley

    SchoolsImprove would point out the welcome rise in minimum wage, will have significant impact on school catering
    Expect lunch costs to rise

  2. ajjolley

    SchoolsImprove the additional school meal costs will need to be balanced by an increase in UIFSM funding or schools will be out of pocket

  3. ajjolley

    SchoolsImprove all this is assuming the UIFSM policy isn’t quietly dropped after next years funding runs out

  4. supersmith86

    SchoolsImprove it will make it harder to retain current teachers and attract new ones. Pay is not rising in line with inflation = cut.

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