Today’s poll: Is a target driven culture an excuse for teachers cheating?

The  latest Secret Teacher article in the Guardian suggests cheating is happening on a “huge” scale in schools and blames it on what it sees as the obsession with levels and never wanting to be on the wrong side of data. Whilst this might explain cheating, can it excuse it?

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  1. stevejodwin

    SchoolsImprove No need for a poll, there is simply NO excuse for cheating. This is a profession & standards should be upheld.

  2. JoetheBaron

    SchoolsImprove Teachers should not be exposed to situations where they can cheat. Controlled assessments, for example, lead to a conflict..

  3. VictoriaJaquiss

    SchoolsImprove Setting targets is shameful, cheating way of conducting education; the setters deserve whatever is thrown back at them.

  4. irvingphil

    SchoolsImprove it’s important to remember that teachers are employees. Some will refuse to cheat but many will do what they’re told.

  5. auntysoapbox

    SchoolsImprove leftferret Police ‘figures’, nhs treatment turnaround figures or schools.Some things cant BE performance related

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