Today’s poll: Should all state school headteacher salaries be public?

NASUWT leader Chris Keates told her conference that she believes ordinary teachers will pay the cost for ‘excessive’ headteacher salaries and claimed “every other senior executive in the public sector is required to publish their salary annually, except head teachers.” Do you think this needs to change or would it cause problems for schools trying to recruit new heads?

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  1. O2OConditioning

    SchoolsImprove Of course they should! We’re paying their slaaries after all. Would be good to know what we’re paying for #justsaying

  2. SchoolsImprove

    GrahamBett Only because Chris Keates specifically drew the comparison with other senior execs in the public sector

  3. gasman_g

    SchoolsImprove I don’t understand the reason behind a “yes” – what will it do to help parents or the community in which the school resides?

  4. School_Leader

    SchoolsImprove academies head salaries are published in £5k bands. I personally don’t have a problem with this

  5. SchoolsImprove

    Chris Keates suggests all other public sector chief exec salaries are public – hence the suggestion katiericco

  6. katiericco

    SchoolsImprove thanks. I don’t see why a person’s salary should be made public tbh. Private or public sector. Maybe within a band.

  7. Jan_Rush

    SchoolsImprove no – why should an individuals salary be made public & open them up to stupid questions (which will happen)

  8. SanghaDr

    SchoolsImprove Why not, the college principals and vice chancellors salaries and pension benefits have been in the public domain

  9. O2OConditioning

    Dreamweaver1764 SchoolsImprove All public sector salaries, yes. If we’re effectively paying the bill, shouldn’t we know what we’re paying?

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