Today’s poll: If we spent £1bn on a tablet device for every child in school would it be money well spent?

Research suggests 70% of schools are using tablet computers with 9% having one for every pupil and numbers rising sharply. Although heads report a “positive impact” there is apparently no evidence of an improvement in learning and outcomes. There are 8.2m children in schools (and nurseries) in England – if a tablet was bought for every child it would cost about £1bn (assuming an average spend of £120 per device). Would that be money well spent?

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  1. sputniksteve

    informed_edu MaryMyatt SchoolsImprove Yes. Better investment in the future than HS2. Could buy everyone a MacBook too.

  2. PaulGarvey4

    MaryMyatt SchoolsImprove Maybe, but changing sch policies so pupils could bring in their own devices to help learning would be cheaper!

  3. The evidence has been pretty clear for 20 yrs:  the hardware itself has no effect and just costs a lot.  If IT hardware is used so that pupils can do more effectively things which we know work, they can be worth while.  It’s all in the software and use.
    NOTE:  this should not be the subject of a poll!  There is evidence out there.

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