Today’s poll: Should top unis have to take more disadvantaged students, even if they don’t get the normal grades?

The admissions watchdog OFFA has called on leading universities to double the number of students they take on from poorer backgrounds. The universities say they can’t do much more if the students don’t make the grade requirements. Should they be forced to anyway?

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  1. CarolElizabeth

    I worked in a Russell group university with Year 0 students, many of whom were from a disadvantaged background or had had a disrupted or poor education. The year 0 prepared them for the challenge of a degree in a University with very high expectations. Some did extremely well but without this extra year of preparation they would not have survived. Some did not cope with the challenge and had to reevaluate, often choosing other Universities or courses where they completed their degrees. I don’t think it is fair to accept students simply because they are disadvantaged unless we are condifent they will cope, otherwise it could do longer term damage to their self esteem or progress. The extra year at university is a great help but it is not a commonly available and in the past has only been linked to those challenging subject areas that universities find hard to fill – such as science based courses. The Year 0 should be more freely available and funded.

  2. natedtrust_marc

    SchoolsImprove no, we should help them to get the grades and cultural capital to get them there as ‘equals’.

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