Today’s poll: Should schools try to stop students using their local dialect?

We have a report today on a primary school in the Midlands that is banning pupils from talking or writing in their Black Country dialect to help them “get the best start possible”. Is this the right thing for a school to be doing? Please vote in the poll to let us know…

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  1. Richardkharker

    SchoolsImprove Are you talking about accent or dialect, ie words? Dialect words need to be preserved and their use encouraged.

  2. Richardkharker

    SchoolsImprove Mother to mud covered child ” Come in you clarty monster”. Dialect words need preserving. Clarty meaning sticky not muddy.

  3. FelicityADavis

    SchoolsImprove never but a goup of Asian students told me yesterday of how their peers mock their accent when they read out in class,

  4. SchoolsImprove

    Richardkharker The school has a list of phrases not to be used in speaking and writing so dialect rather than accent

  5. Richardkharker

    SchoolsImprove The should use the ‘phases’ in positive ways and not in such a negative manner. A SMT with little imagination or empathy?

  6. rhcaseby

    SchoolsImprove Soon after I started work in Oxford heard pupil complain a classmate was ‘screwing me’! Means looking at me in funny way!

  7. CareyEnglish1

    FelicityADavis SchoolsImprove Never. Accent prejudice is rife as it is; I don’t see anyone banning ‘yah’ not ‘yes’ at public schools.

  8. CareyEnglish1

    FelicityADavis SchoolsImprove …and yes, I (sadly) deal with teasing about accent a lot. Banning feeds that very prejudice.

  9. ej5351

    kjn30 SchoolsImprove what do they think lang is? Ch need to learn diff in what u say & what u write in formal situation. that’s all.

  10. Richardkharker

    TheDominie Steamed Puds. could be described as clarty if the were a bit sticky (sad) because the steam had got inside the bowl.

  11. eQeltd

    SchoolsImprove Celebrate diversity it adds to the richness of life. Also about identity which is crucial for a positive sense of self

  12. GodSquadandMe

    SchoolsImprove they need to understand the spoken and the written differences..Some adults write in this dialect in work reports!

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