Today’s poll: Should schools stop giving priority for places to younger siblings?

The admissions watchdog is urging schools to think twice about giving top priority for places to the younger siblings of pupils who already attend the school because, it says, it is restricting choice for first-born children of other families. Do you think it is time for schools to end this practice? Let us know by taking part in this poll…

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  1. worthybobs

    SchoolsImprove Its simply not feasible for parents to get children to multiple schools and have them handed over safely and on time

  2. VictoriaJaquiss

    It’s a lot more than just taking them there and picking them up. I still remember watching older child taking younger child to high school on first day, first yearm second year. She could only relax when she knew he was okay. They were there for each other for five years. Twelve years later, he is there for her children. Etc Etc Etc.

  3. KateFJMaryon

    worthybobs SchoolsImprove I managed it. For me it was more important to find the right school for each child. Less about convenience. X

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