Today’s poll – Should schools be encouraged to take children aged two into in-house nursery provision?

The chairman of Ofsted, Lady Sally Morgan, thinks children should be allowed to attend school from as young as two, to counteract generations of educational disadvantage and poor social skills. In particular, she seems to want schools to provide “all-through” schools, possibly from ages 2 – 18. Do you agree…

The DfE says teacher-led early years education has a positive impact on children, especially on those from low income backgrounds, and that it is making it easier for schools to take children from the age of two by removing the requirement on them to register separately with Ofsted when doing so, and introducing 15 hours of free early education for 240,000 of the poorest two-year-olds.

What do you think about encouraging schools to take children from the age of two? Should it be encouraged or not?

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  1. EW1983

    PlayforceUK SchoolsImprove surely the best place for a 2yo is at home or in a setting where there is a small ration of children to carers

  2. MrsHall_History

    SchoolsImprove no. I’d say Scandinavia have proven children should be allowed to play until about 6 and then start school.

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