Today’s poll: Should schools act to discourage parents from swearing in front of children?

A headteacher in Newhaven has written to parents asking them not to swear in front of children and on school premises because the children are bringing bad language into the classroom. Do you think this is something schools should be doing?

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  1. Angry_Teacher_

    SchoolsImprove Hang on I thought society already thought swearing was wrong, esp near children. Come on parents police yourself!!!!!

  2. susanreed24

    SchoolsImprove. What next: get them to provide healthier food for their kids, encourage better behaviour, reinforce school dress codes…?

  3. Richardkharker

    SchoolsImprove “Should Schools”? No! Society should mend its self. If we hear parents, or anyone, swearing inappropriately WE object!

  4. johneglin

    SchoolsImprove moral panic. We should concentrate on getting parents to read with their children (not Trainspotting though).

  5. MinoHedgehog

    susanreed24 SchoolsImprove or even worse help them with their homework, read to them, explore the world. Oh, wait: most parents already do

  6. VoodooJason

    SchoolsImprove Why? What’s so wrong with swearing? I’m guessing there is no coralation between swearing and achievement

  7. Jaktiger

    Agree! “johneglin: SchoolsImprove moral panic. We should concentrate on getting parents to read with their children.”

  8. edujdw

    SchoolsImprove on or around school premises yes. But to try and regulate their homelife is not the job of a school or a teacher.


    TheDominie SchoolsImprove but they can and should respond to complaints and insist on respect & non violent behaviour on school premises

  10. KumonHaleBarns

    VoodooJason SchoolsImprove You’re prob right – but there is a correlation between swearing and the image the school want to project!

  11. VoodooJason

    KumonHaleBarns SchoolsImprove I can appreciate that. That said, if Stephen Fry can swear, maybe we should see it merely as self expression

  12. teachassistant

    SchoolsImprove It’s definitely good to discourage, although when I’m out with my kids, dozens of other people swear around us.

  13. NetRespect

    SchoolsImprove schools would risk infringing Freedom of Expression – Art 10 European Convention of Human Rights.Kids will pick it up online

  14. neilayates

    kbucke1812 SchoolsImprove But neither are, or should ever be acceptable. Yes times change but swearing is anti-social & should always be

  15. kbucke1812

    neilayates SchoolsImprove I get you depends on context though, I believe in teaching kids the right context and acceptability of using it

  16. neilayates

    kbucke1812 SchoolsImprove Interesting rationale but surely our language & depth of vocabulary is sufficiently rich to find alternatives.

  17. kbucke1812

    neilayates SchoolsImprove of course which should be taught, but aren’t swear words the English language too? Fact of life hence my comment

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