Today’s poll: Should pupils be punished by schools for their parents’/carers’ social media comments?

A school has threatened to ban pupils from trips if parents post negative comments about the school on social media after claiming there had been too many “inaccurate and deeply offensive” comments made: is this an appropriate way to respond?


Should pupils be punished by schools for their parents’/carers' social media comments?


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  1. SamScanlon

    Really !!! How can a CHILD be held accountable for the Actions or an ADULT, I specifically said Adult as quite often if a Parent is letting Rip at a school the school / Staff member has Done /; Not done something.   I know this is not the thing to say !! But after 11 years ( rec – yr 10 ) of MY Child being Systematically FAILED over and OVER again by those I trusted to Do no more than there Job.

    If he was Punished for My actions I would smack the person responsible On the Nose, ,,, This is More Of the Brush it under the carp[et and pretend it aint happening Ethos that is spread thick far and wide

    There are many Amazing Teaching Staff But it is Those Failing the Children That want to Silence Us ( by attacking our kids ! ( again) )

  2. StephenG41HR

    SchoolsImprove No. you do not visit the sins of the fathers (or mothers) onto the young. What you do is challenge parents/family.

  3. HamdonEducation

    SchoolsImprove It’s almost certainly illegal (i.e. unfairly discriminatory) to punish children for what their parents do. Don’t vote for it

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