Today’s poll: Should girls have the right to wear trousers to school?

A report today suggests parents at schools around the country are battling for their daughters to have the right to wear trousers as part of school uniform: is it time for all girls to have this option now?


Should girls have the right to wear trousers to school?


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  1. leebazen

    SchoolsImprove is this really an issue in the 21st century? We waste so much time enforcing futile rules it baffles me U0001f629U0001f631U0001f614

  2. kazjohnson

    SchoolsImprove blimey. the last time I heard that as an issue was in 1978 when my sixth form head quoted Ogden Nash. What price feminism?

  3. DavidBatty

    SchoolsImprove kazjohnson Boys have been sent home for wearing skirts on very hot days, the uniform policy affects both sexes.

  4. UrsulaEdg

    SchoolsImprove I know, but I can hardly believe it’s not satirical! great one in my ‘what’s a ‘valid’ research resource?’ pile!Lol!#edchat

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