Today’s poll: Should exams be moved to avoid Ramadan this summer?

Exam boards are said to be looking at scheduling this summer’s exams to minimise the number taking place when Muslim students may be fasting because of Ramadan – should they be moved to ensure there is no clash? 


Should exams be moved to avoid Ramadan this summer?


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  1. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove Nobody ever went to Hell for breaking Ramadan. Exams shouldnt be moved as it will affect mean less revision time!

  2. Nairb1

    Less revision time by a small amount and for everybody, so no one is disadvantaged. It won’t affect the pass rates because the proportion passing at each grade is determined after the test is marked.
    Not breaking Ramadan is important to Muslims and they are as entitled to hold onto their superstitions as much as anybody else.

  3. LaCatholicState

    Nairb1 It may not mean a large time difference…but it might.  Also…we request that our children are not shunted around to fit the needs of the Islamic calendar. 

    It is generally thought that the minority should fit their behaviour to the needs of the majority.  With this in mind, breaking the fast to some extent during exam time would be appreciated.

  4. Nairb1

    I could have requesed that my children’s education wasn’t interrupted by preparations for Christmas, but it was, year after year and quite extensively, and there was nothing I could do about it. Presumably you are saying that minor changes shouldn’t be made for the Islamic calendar only.

  5. andrew_1910

    SchoolsImprove When this last happened way back, I think some of our kids went onto Mecca time which shortened the fast.

  6. LaCatholicState

    Nairb1   You can request what you like.  I certainly won’t be requesting my kids are exempt from celebrating Christ.

    I feel sorry for those who have a problem with celebrating Christ.

  7. Fiona31814

    SchoolsImprove If they are then I hope we are also avoiding International Cat Day when people want to be at home with their pets.

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