Today’s poll: Should early years providers do more to make children ‘school ready’?

The media is suggesting that Ofsted’s first dedicated annual report for early years education – to be published this week – will criticise nurseries and childminders for failing to make children “school ready” and propose the inspection system should be used to consider how well nurseries and childminders “help children to catch up when they enter with skills that are lower than those typical for their age”. Do you agree or do you think early years providers are already doing all they can?

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  1. moreto_learn

    SchoolsImprove at my previous school the staff literally could do no more! Parents should shoulder the majority of this preparation

  2. Not2earlyNicky

    SchoolsImprove who can judge how much is enough? Lining up quietly, calling staff Mrs, preschool did great IMHO #letthemplay

  3. 1worldkids

    SchoolsImprove it has to start at home – it starts with conversation it needs time & deserves all of our love

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