Today’s poll: Should any drug conviction result in an automatic ban from teaching?

Reports today suggest guidance from the National College for Teaching and Leadership has been revised and convictions for smoking cannabis, taking amphetamines or shoplifting will not automatically prevent teachers from continuing to work in schools. Is this a sensible approach or should any drug conviction result in an automatic classroom ban?

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  1. NQTCareers

    SchoolsImprove It should be assessed on a case by case basis and if safeguarding was compromised. Common sense approach required.

  2. kccv1

    Why only drugs? Why not any criminal conviction? Where should such a line be drawn?
    Who comes up with this stuff?

  3. Octavius_OLDP

    SchoolsImprove Shall we ban penalise & demonise every life experience so that we end up with only those who can’t connect with real people

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