Today’s poll: Pre-school skills checklist for parents – good idea?

Sir Michael Wilshaw has said that all parents need to be issued with a checklist of essential skills they must teach their children as he warns that too many five-year-olds are unfit for the demands of full-time school. The list was originally developed by Labour’s Frank Field and includes toilet training, behaviour boundaries, recognising their own name, putting on a coat and shoes and talking in sentences. Would such a list be a good move?

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  1. JoNoGo

    SchoolsImprove oh yes! And parents should then get a report telling them how good their parenting skills have been. That would give focus.

  2. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove Very good idea. Putting responsibility for parenting back to parents. State and schools realising they can’t do it all.

  3. SimonKnight100

    JulesDaulby SchoolsImprove Why not Jules? It might be useful to let parents know what their child should be doing at certain points. 1/2

  4. SimonKnight100

    JulesDaulby SchoolsImprove A bit like physical and communicative development, they may notice if things aren’t progressing as planned.

  5. JulesDaulby

    SimonKnight100 SchoolsImprove
    already loads of stuff out there – health visitor check – speech and language check etc what is this for?

  6. SimonKnight100

    JulesDaulby SchoolsImprove Cognitive development, that is not really covered in depth and means we wait for developmental delay to 1/2

  7. SimonKnight100

    JulesDaulby SchoolsImprove to become apparent instead of looking to see if cognitive development is progressing as expected 2/2

  8. SimonKnight100

    JulesDaulby SchoolsImprove that’s a different issue. Appropriate training a real concern. But I see too many kids whose developmental 1/2

  9. SimonKnight100

    JulesDaulby SchoolsImprove delays not currently picked up and start their education failing due to their needs not being identified 2/2

  10. JulesDaulby

    SimonKnight100 SchoolsImprove – what ages are you talking about? Why did portage or health visitors not pick it up? If older, teachers?

  11. SimonKnight100

    JulesDaulby SchoolsImprove Not sure really, but yr 1 is often a pinch point. Might be focus on mainstream first or lack of understanding

  12. JulesDaulby

    SimonKnight100 SchoolsImprove I think idea is for a pre school checklist toilet, say name etc that parents must teach …. Blame culture

  13. SimonKnight100

    JulesDaulby SchoolsImprove Possibly an opportunity for us to influence the content, a cognitive red book maybe? Ever the optimist 🙂

  14. JulesDaulby

    SimonKnight100 SchoolsImprove
    You are and I understand your concerns – I do agree that stuff doesn’t get picked up but later maybe??

  15. SimonKnight100

    JulesDaulby SchoolsImprove Possibly, though I have some data on permanent transfer to mainstream from special that suggests otherwise.

  16. SimonKnight100

    JulesDaulby SchoolsImprove Spot problem early, go to Special early, more likely to transfer to mainstream successfully.

  17. JulesDaulby

    SimonKnight100 SchoolsImprove
    Is there a danger they remain in special (hard to leave) – sure not in your school but nationally

  18. SimonKnight100

    JulesDaulby SchoolsImprove The later kids arrive the more likely they stay. Early identification essential, maximises individ potential.

  19. JulesDaulby

    SimonKnight100 SchoolsImprove that’s really interesting – I haven’t really heard much about that but makes absolute sense –

  20. eQeltd

    SchoolsImprove checklist no good unless show struggling parents how to do the challenging task of good enough parenting

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