Today’s poll: Should nursery teachers have the same pay and status as primary teachers?

The Pre-School Learning Alliance is calling for nursery school teachers to be given the same status and pay as those in primary school to help improve career progression from pre-school into primary school, but the DfE has said the two types of teaching were “different jobs” and making progression from one into the other easier was not relevant. What do you think?

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Call to align nursery and primary school teacher status
Call for universities to help recruit school governors after successful trial
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  1. FlowzoneE

    “SchoolsImprove: Today’s poll: Should nursery teachers have the same pay and status as primary teachers? They deserve MORE!

  2. dianabrighouse

    SchoolsImprove Yes if same training. My daughter early years specialist (3-7) teaches in primary scl. Shd be paid same if in nursery.

  3. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove In an ideal world “Yes”, but in reality very expensive and therefore probably prohibitive

  4. willott333

    SchoolsImprove yes most definitely with training to match. But like others have suggested gov will never back due to cost!

  5. kimbiddulph

    SchoolsImprove yes! Early years is the most important time for education, learning through play and gaining valuable experiences.

  6. NurseryNook

    SchoolsImprove you mean ‘early years teacher’ I am a nursery teacher but with qts. They are different things.

  7. andylutwyche

    “pompeyanne: andylutwyche SchoolsImprove oh and have a ratio of 1 to 30 in their classes!!!” Indeed

  8. EYFS_lancs

    NurseryNook SchoolsImprove No clarity doesn’t help matters? Presumably they mean nursery teachers with EYP/EYT (not with QTS).

  9. EYFS_lancs

    NurseryNook SchoolsImprove was yet another pointless move of the government changing EYPs to EYTs. Nothing but confusion!

  10. EYFS_lancs

    NurseryNook SchoolsImprove yes. Referring to the poll though, as it wouldn’t be clear to some what they mean, as you said above 🙂

  11. LambournSchool

    SchoolsImprove yes a teacher should be the same pay regardless of age group. Not sure the vote request matches the preamble!

  12. pompeyanne

    SchoolsImprove ok then if yes ask them to get degrees and post grad qualifications and to have 30 kids in their class with no support!!

  13. kierstyanne

    SchoolsImprove can you clarify?A qualified teacher teaching nursery inschool. U seriously telling me I don’t work as hard as mycolleagues?

  14. kierstyanne

    pompeyanne SchoolsImprove really? Most primary teachers have some support. Legal ratio in nursery school 1:13. I’m qualified teacher.

  15. kierstyanne

    pompeyanne SchoolsImprove am I not entitled to same pay as my colleagues? I’m also science, phse sustainable schools coord.Plus allotment

  16. pompeyanne

    kierstyanne SchoolsImprove yes if you do the same job, trained to the same level. What you do is vital so the best training is necessary

  17. kierstyanne

    pompeyanne SchoolsImprove all teachers in my school have full time (or almost) classroom support. From nursery to y6. Just a state school.

  18. SchoolsImprove

    kierstyanne The poll was confusing with hindsight as uses the terminology from the headline it referred to but means teachers in…

  19. kierstyanne

    SchoolsImprove I guess it depends whether you call them teachers or not. Without QTS of some sort you’re not a teacher.

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