Today’s poll: Does it matter if many private schools are not covered by league tables?

Many leading independent schools have been left at the bottom of league tables because the IGCSEs they are taking are no longer counted. The HMC says the schools concerned are happy because the rankings without including IGCSEs are “absurd”. But is it matter more broadly?

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  1. wasateacher

    There is a myth that private schools are better than state schools.  This has led to unfair criticism of state schools and a belief that taking schools away from local authority oversight will improve standards.  If all private schools were to be judged in the same way that state schools are, it would be shown that, just as with state schools, some private schools are very good.  However, it would also be seen that some private schools are disastrous.

  2. helenreesbidder

    SchoolsImprove Of course it doesn’t matter. Why would it? Parents take results for granted: they look for a much broader education.

  3. gplunkett58

    SchoolsImprove no, but what does matter is the hypocrisy this reveals: iGCSE too easy for state schools yet ‘more rigorous’ in this context

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