Today’s poll: With limited funds, should schools spend on iPads or more teachers?

Russell Hobby is reported as suggesting that instead of buying iPads and other “shiny gadgets”, schools should be “spending the money on recruiting and training great teachers and sticking them in front of old-fashioned blackboards.” Agree?

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  1. FionaTipper

    SchoolsImprove seems most tech is obsolete after about 3 years. what is attrition rate of ipads in schools? Must get dropped etc?

  2. stonerockedu

    SchoolsImprove Cost of tech needs to be baked into fundamental offer just as text books are but there are much cheaper options than ipads

  3. Kathfanderson

    SchoolsImprove plenty of ways to enjoy learning ops of www without buying expensive hardware; Raspberry Pi for eg. Resist the idolatry!

  4. thislast

    lsrask SchoolsImprove lsrask Over a lifetime’s career a UK teacher would cost about the same as maybe 5,000 iPads and still be worth more

  5. lsrask

    thislast SchoolsImprove An iPad is just a hunk of plastic that by itself provides no value. It takes a teacher to bring learning to life.

  6. thislast

    lsrask Indeed. A thing is a thing. It can spark enthusiasm in one, lethargy in another. A good teacher can light up a whole class of pupils

  7. daveco11

    SchoolsImprove Do the maths – how many extra teachers do you get for a class full of tablets? Tablet = £200? Teacher with on costs 35,000+

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