Today’s poll: Labour plans to expand Sure Start – good move?

Tristram Hunt has said Sure Start centres to help children in deprived areas would be expanded again under a Labour government with the creation of 50,000 new places and the centres being run by charities or childcare companies (although no funding details have been given). Would this be a welcome move?

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  1. PrincesBold

    Sure Start has previously aimed at children from deprived backgrounds, the parents of these children prefer not to engage with any type of government officials. Many authorities have since begun their own initiatives to make connections with the exact families Sure Start had previously targeted, using social workers who then facilitate funded nursery places. Sure Start centres will be a massive drain on public funds and will simply not get the use that the public might imagine.

  2. cherrylkd

    peterabarnard SchoolsImprove you may be right. But he was a man with a decent education vision when I met him. It will be interesting.

  3. peterabarnard

    cherrylkd SchoolsImprove All politicians have vision, narrow schooling, old management ideas (all they learned) and no method, so it seems

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