Today’s poll: Is Ofsted right to insist Early Years providers achieve good or outstanding in 2 years or face closure?

Changes in the already toughened inspection regime for Early Years providers means those who fail to achieve good or outstanding face closure if they do not reach these levels within two years. Do you think Ofsted is right on this?

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  1. JeniHooper

    SchoolsImprove Ofsted’s plan for all EY providers to be good or outstanding is an ideal which needs good LA support to become a reality.

  2. PrincesBold

    SchoolsImprove As an outstanding provider, what other business could have the Govt remove the competition? Should do it to banks first!

  3. Kimmychoo666

    SchoolsImprove depends how the grade it, who monitors ofsted, it’s scary to think we can’t trust these people x

  4. ruthkennedy

    SchoolsImprove I think there’s going to be a supply problem for the 2yo offer, even without this promise

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