Today’s poll: Is it time to consider metals detectors for all secondary schools?

Another life has been lost to a knife attack in a school, so is it time seriously to consider having metal detectors in all secondary schools, or would that be a misguided over-reaction?


Is it time to consider metals detectors for all secondary schools?


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  1. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove Teaching the 10 Commandments in all schools is vital too. We are reading a generation with no moral compass.

  2. LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove Isn’t that the list which ranks murder at sixth place after injunctions about not making idols or keeping Sunday special?

  3. LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove One terrible incident – and you accuse a whole generation of lacking moral compass.  A bit of an over-generalisation, surely?

  4. spawneedave

    This is tragic news. I do hope that politicians do not make rash
    decisions and create knee-jerk policies. There are thankfully very few
    incidents like this in the UK, we should not turn our schools into
    prisons with metal detectors, security guards, and additional CCTV.

  5. spawneedave

    Janet2 LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove You’re being unfair, in Catholic doctrine, murder is ranked 5th, below 1st only worshipping the “one true god”, 2nd don’t upset god by using his name out of context (“blasphemy, blas for you, blas for everybody”, as Eddie Izzard would say), 3rd keeping Sunday as a holy day 4th respect your parents (regardless of whether they are child abusers). 5th we’ve covered already *but you can have capital punishment, so they have a get out clause. 6th is adultery. 7th is don’t rob your neighbour (or anyone else for that matter) 8th is the false witness malarkey, 9th is all about modesty 10th is greed and envy, which is a bit rich coming from the Catholic church with all it’s blind and gold

  6. TW

    LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove  Much like all those Catholic priests so keen on raping boys and those Catholic nuns devoted to beating children senseless.

  7. LaCatholicState

    Janet2 LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove They are not ranked in any particular order actually.  The First three apply to God…the last seven to your fellow man.  Reject them at your peril.  Such a pity our children are not taught the 10 Commandments….thus leaving them basically uncivilised.

  8. LaCatholicState

    spawneedave Janet2 LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove It’s such a pity secularists have only a thin politically based, code.  Not fit for purpose as we sadly see today.

  9. LaCatholicState

    spawneedave Please don’t be careless with the lives of our pupils.  Their matter just as much as politicians…and they too need to have security.  Or do you think only bigwigs and banks should have security?!  Hmmm….

  10. spawneedave

    LaCatholicState spawneedave I’m not being careless. I think we just need a little perspective here. The numbers of students killed is low, but that is not to say that each killing is a senseless and tragic loss. Should we fortify schools? I personally do not think so.

  11. LaCatholicState

    spawneedave LaCatholicState One life taken is one too many!….and schools are now open invitations for those who wish to cause harm.  Nobody is talking about fortifications….just metal detectors.  Our children deserve protection and would-be attackers need deterrents.

  12. OpDeathEatersCD

    fred062811 hard to say, but to me seems like a false sense of security, one crazy enough can always go around or blow a hole into a wall…

  13. fred062811

    OpDeathEatersCD The fact is that school is not a sanctuary but only the reflection of our society and a part of our future

  14. spawneedave

    LaCatholicState spawneedave Metal detectors are not a deterrent. I suggest you read up on school and campus evidence based measures. A good starting point would be Dr Brian Van Brunts book “Ending Campus Violence: New Approaches to Prevention” or “Harm to Others: The Assessment and Treatment of Dangerousness”. As someone has pointed out above, weapons can be made out of plastic, wood, and certain metals are not detectable with metal detectors, so it wouldn’t keep children safe from harm, and it would be a waste of tax payers money. Better to invest money into resources that have an evidence base behind them.

  15. OpDeathEatersCD

    fred062811 agreed wholeheartedly, a little microcosm, a health metre, just look at that particular society’s schools

  16. thiskidsthinkin

    Even if we have metal detectors in every building in the country, anyone intent on stabbing someone will do it in public, at the bus stop, in the bus, etc. I don’t know the details of the person doing the stabbing, but was there any indications of mental problems beforehand? We should probably address any mental problems first, and reinforce the preciousness of human life all through society before we put metal detectors in schools.

  17. amirshah316

    SchoolsImprove Whilst incidents can happen anytime anywhere detectors aren’t the solution for all. Invest into a mental health curriculum.

  18. LaCatholicState

    spawneedave LaCatholicState Metal detectors certainly have a detterent effect….and other methods of security will be needed to make up for any shortfall in metal detectors.  But we must secure our schools.  Our children are not to be made sitting ducks by people like you!

  19. LaCatholicState

    amirshah316 SchoolsImprove   Not everyone who wishes harm on school pupils is mentally ill.  What an insult to mentally ill people!  Most who wish to harm others have evil intentions and are NOT mentally ill.

  20. thiskidsthinkin

    LaCatholicState thiskidsthinkin Not if they stab someone outside of school, walking to/from school,on the bus, in the playground, etc. Metal detectors in every building won’t stop that. Metal detectors won’t even stop plastic weapons, or someone getting the idea of sharpening a stick from the tv to kill someone, or using something as simple as rope to strangle. Addressing the causes of violence will work, although it will be harder to do.

  21. LaCatholicState

    thiskidsthinkin LaCatholicState   Metal detectors will provide some security for children at school…which is a lot of children for a long time.  I have never heard of a plastic weapon!  Stop making excuses for the laissez faire approach to the safety of our children.  If you don’t care for them….others do.  Causes of violence are complex and not much many can do about them.  Metal detectors in the meantime will offer protection!

  22. spawneedave

    LaCatholicState spawneedave Please do reference me a peer reviewed journal, to support your claims, and then we can continue this debate.

  23. spawneedave

    LaCatholicState thiskidsthinkin Please do provide us with some peer reviewed journal articles to back up your claims regarding metal detectors.

    With regards to plastic weapons, they are used often in prisons and young offenders institutes to harm others and harm self. Scraping a toothbrush on prison walls until it becomes sharp for one example.

  24. LaCatholicState

    spawneedave LaCatholicState You can look them up yourself surely.  I rely on common sense and care for the security of our young people.  Pity its not more common.

  25. thiskidsthinkin

    spawneedave LaCatholicState thiskidsthinkin 3D printers are also able to print off anything your imagination can come up with.

  26. thiskidsthinkin

    LaCatholicState thiskidsthinkin Children in this area can spend 2 hours a day on a bus getting to/from school. They spend time walking to and from home from the bus stop. We, as parents, have to trust they will be safe. If they go to youth club or their friends in the evening, that is another period of time we have to trust they will be fine. We have to trust they won’t go to the arranged fights that get arranged in schools and on social media (and mostly happen outside school).
    If we want to protect them, we’d be better off teaching them self defense. We can’t wrap teenagers up in cotton wool. The teenage years are hard enough having to cope with changing bodies, hormones, peer pressure and school workload. We need to support young people and deal with any problems they have.
    Metal detectors provide protection in one building for a limited period form metal objects. Anyone intent on stabbing someone else will simply do it outside the school.

  27. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove No, it’s time to consider schools self-organizing in ways that improve relationships not undermine them…

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