Today’s poll: Is it ok to employ tutors for children aged 4 and under?

The latest Good Schools Guide has warned parents to resist the growing pressure to employ tutors for children under the age of five, describing any tutor who says they teach very young children is a “charlatan”. Do you agree or are such approaches reasonable when there is extremely high competition for school places?

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  1. MarcelNimani

    SchoolsImprove Need 2 allow time for youth experiences which itself triggers individuality & creativity! 6-18 is plenty of time 4 education

  2. TeachHW

    SchoolsImprove What is going on! Is childhood and the power of play to be lost along with all the wonders that has to offer?

  3. ballater6

    Debsthered SchoolsImprove of course not and these parents are not doing it for the good of their children but to fulfil their needs!

  4. lizcurran

    JulieBertagna I hear kids in Switzerland dont even go to school until they’re 7. It doesn’t seem to hard them. I’d rather not be S Korea :/

  5. JulieBertagna

    lizcurran Italian relatives were horrified that my daughter went before she was 5 (I wish she hadn’t: Jan b’day). Italy & Germany 7yrs too!

  6. BinksNeateEvans

    SchoolsImprove shameful shallow parenting. Maybe tutoring for parents on childhood experiences to enhance a child’s rounded development

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