Today’s poll: Is it girls or boys who need their ambitions raising most?

Tristram Hunt has called for careers lessons in primary schools to raise ambitions especially, he says, for girls. But with girls now outperforming boys in exams and more likely to enter university, become doctors and so on, is it not actually our boys who need the most help here?

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  1. surviving_teens

    SchoolsImprove some careers advice would make a change. I can’t believe it is still as poor as it was 30 yrs ago. I have 3 teens.

  2. robertprice

    Caroline_Ansell I’d want both my son and daughter to have the same opportunities, so they have the same chances in life.

  3. TW

    It’s a silly poll except in the eyes of femnazis and out of touch political inadequates hoping that there must be something that can get a few more votes.

  4. Caroline_Ansell

    robertprice Agreed! The articles argues with girls now outperforming boys, perhaps time to look back!

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