Today’s poll: Is David Cameron right to propose new leadership or academisation for RI schools?

The media is reporting that almost 3,500 schools in England rated as “requiring improvement” face being forced into new leadership under plans to be announced by David Cameron. Is this a welcome proposal?

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  1. TaviaAllan

    SchoolsImprove perhaps he is – no one knows yet – but he shouldn’t talk about “waging war.” His language gives him away.


    David Cameron comments have not helped the teaching profession and its public image.  Teaching moral is at an all time low.  When has he praised the thousands of teachers for the fantastic job they do – including headteachers. 

    RI – is satisfactory remember. We all want to improve but this government is going about it the wrong way. Have they looked at the amount of English and Maths lessons taught in secondary schools. Generally pupils receive 3 hours on each subject per week in compared to 5-7hours in primary schools.

    I think the government needs to look at itself – just look at the levels fiasco, they cant even decide on how we are going to assess pupils nationally and we were suppose to start with this last September (2014)

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