Today’s poll: Is a 55+ hour working week for teachers too much?

The latest survey for the DfE suggests state school teachers are now working over 59 hours a week in primary schools and 56 hours a week in secondary schools. This is up from just over 50 hours in the last survey in 2010 (although the methodology has changed so comparisons may not be valid). This survey appears to be based on term time activity only. Do you think a 55+ hour working week for teachers is too much?

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  1. BarkerLeadershp

    SchoolsImprove 55 hour week? My wife is Y6 teacher and her average week is considerably more than 55 hours!

  2. Harmonize85

    SchoolsImprove As an NQT I am working beyond 55hours a week! It is too much but I don’t see how it can be reduced

  3. FionaTipper

    SchoolsImprove all the teachers i know work more hours than this anyway, whatever their contracted hours are!

  4. pompeyanne

    SchoolsImprove we work way more than that and even then never feel like we are doing a gd enough job. I got out after 13 yrs.

  5. nrcantor

    SchoolsImprove Too much for anybody, if you want their best work. See every paper on effective working hours ever published.

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