Today’s poll: Should GCSE grade boundaries be lowered if marks are down this year?

There are suggestions that exam boards will lower GCSE exam boundaries this summer to prevent any big dips in results after the former education secretary Michael Gove made the exams more difficult. If so, do you think this is the right thing to do?

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  1. SallyHoward3

    Why are public exams not criterion referenced?! Why do people not accept public exams like these are ‘just’ measuring attainment fir that person on that day. They are not a measure of anything more!

  2. SallyHoward3

    SchoolsImprove These public exams are unfortunately always ‘adjusted’ and not criterion referenced. Shame but true!

  3. LucilleCooper

    After the way boundaries were used last year to change the English results – this is totally unfair to those who lost out last year.  Perhaps they should consider amending the terrible wrong done to those young people as well.  The Gove effect has and will continue to shatter young people’s hopes, dreams and ambitions.

  4. LucilleCooper

    SallyHoward3 They should be but they aren’t.  It’s not ‘just’ a measure of attainment because these GCSEs matter to young people’s hopes and aspirations to either a job or to HE.

  5. SallyHoward3

    Exactly! And the reason why we all need to rethink the system and the way our systems are used! We need to discuss assessment validity reliability and generalisability etc to educate everyone!

  6. SallyHoward3

    Yes a great wrong. Too late to adjust the past but not too late to change the future. We need to educate employers and parents about assessment, attainment and achievement!

  7. changepatriot

    SchoolsImprove Back2 basics with dodgy SATs system,annual unjustified bar raising leading2 unwarrantedschl failure byflawedOFSTEDwho cares?

  8. shez786

    SchoolsImprove they’ll be down due to the ex-minister, Michael Gove who made exams more hard and didn’t work on the teaching spec. first!

  9. sjwilk

    SallyHoward3 SchoolsImprove criteria referencing was tried in the early 90s for KS2/3 SATs. Complete failure.

  10. SallyHoward3

    sjwilk SchoolsImprove Develop what has been tried before with new understanding. Evolution if not a revolution!

  11. berylkingston

    SchoolsImprove Remember grade boundaries are shifted every year. That’s why we got rid of the 11+ and brought in comprehensive schools.

  12. cathy_farr

    SchoolsImprove Speaking as a past employer ,fiddling with grade boundaries will not help – it will only increase cynicism as to their value

  13. SallyHoward3

    cathy_farr SchoolsImprove Good to have cynicism . That’s why the grades should only form part if your decision to employ or university

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