Today’s poll: More funding going directly to schools rather than via local authorities – good idea?

As part of the new funding formula due to kick in from 2017-18 it is proposed that more funding will be passed directly to head teachers rather than first to local authorities, removing their opportunity to determine how it is divided.

Would you welcome such a move?


More funding going directly to schools rather than via local authorities - good idea?


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  1. Nairb1

    Superficially a reasonable idea but needs to be seen in the context of the government’s overall aims. This will not be money going straight to Headteachers it will be money going straight to academy trusts and the big business interests which control them. The last thing they want is local authorities casting an eye over how that money is spent … for example schools being allowed to buy resources and support only from companies owned entirely by the academy chief executive.

  2. PyrrhicEdu

    SchoolsImprove Does this mean that NickyMorgan01 will assume the duty to provide sufficient school places?

  3. Nairb1

    No. All difficult jobs remain with the LA. There has to be somebody to blame. The LA where I live got a letter from the DfE last year saying that the performance of its secondary schools was below expectations and reminding the LA that it had a responsibility to ensure that all pupils got a good education. The fact that almost all the secondary schools are academies is of no consequence.

  4. kipmcgrathluton

    SchoolsImprove yes, schools need more control of finances. They can spend it where it is most needed.#edchat

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