Today’s poll: Do you think music and drama have healthy futures in our schools?

The ASCL is warning that music and drama could become the “preserve of the elite” as a result of a drive for teenagers to take traditional academic subjects at GCSE level.

Do you agree?


Do you think music and drama have healthy futures in our schools?


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  1. Music and art are needed more than ever for these reasons:
    1. Music and art serve the human desire to express and create – we need to nurture these elements of our minds,
    2. Music and art serve the creative sector of our economy and we need a diverse base to maintain our strong position in fashion, music and electronic games industries as well as in the performing arts and publishing.
    3. Therefore this education policy is short-sighted and morally wrong as it denies a generation of talented young people access to courses in music and art in top universities and exciting careers in the creative sector.  
    4. Young people need an outlet through which they can express how they feel and without music or art they are unlikely to have the breadth of vision to gain a healthy perspective on their own lives. Instead it would be unsurprising if without music or art in schools, young people are more depressed and in need of more support from the NHS.
    5. A lack of music and art in education places unnecessary division in society and further prevents social mobility due to a lack of shared social cultural capital.  
    Marion Long

  2. SachaLG

    SchoolsImprove As a peri music teacher I should hope so. So much talent out there. Plus it’s massive stress buster.

  3. 1DandBoyzone

    SchoolsImprove I should highly hope so! The government are so closed minded- Drama is one of the most traditional things ever…Livius?!

  4. emmabramley75

    SchoolsImprove drama is about story. Story is about being human, humanity, empathy. It is urgent and vital we understand others esp now!

  5. Una_Meehan

    SchoolsImprove sad affair, school plays, concerts, prizegivings selfesteem confidence building the list is endless of the impact they have

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