Today’s poll: Which country has the best education system: England or Scotland?

A leading private school headteacher is returning to Scotland because, at least in part, “England has gone back to measuring success by exams and pupils don’t learn the skills they need.” By contrast, she says, “I think Curriculum for Excellence is fantastic. It’s going in the opposite direction to what they are doing in England at the moment by developing the kind of soft, collaborative skills which young people need today.” So which country do you think currently has the best education system?

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  1. Mr_Chas

    SchoolsImprove How many people have experience of both and are therefore in a position to make an objective judgement. Very few I suspect.

  2. JeniHooper

    SchoolsImprove Huge gap between England and Scotland. Wonder how much negativity of Westminster politicians undermines public confidence.

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